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Rules League Optimizer's Empty Rules League Optimizer's

Post  Admin on 15th February 2017, 02:07

- The competition is open for everyone who is interested

- The tasks will be announced at the beginning of the month, and time period for solving them is ~15 days

- To make the solving of the optimization easier, tasks are prepared as excel files, with formulas for automatic score calculation. Completed tasks should be copied and sent to the editor by an email

- Completed tasks can be sent more than once until the specified deadline elapses and competitors who send completed tasks can see all the results arrived to that point

- Scoring of each task is specifically defined by the rules, and general rankings will be calculated in percentages comparing to the best solution (or solutions) which worth 100 points

- 10 most successful competitors of the round get bonus points from 10 to 1. In case of the same results, the time of sending them is decisive

- 8 best scores during the year are used for calculating general rankings of The Optimizers’ League, which means that the maximum possible number of points is 880

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